All about Customized Bongs
For those who are not familiar with them, a bong is a filtration device which is used for smoking for the smoke which is inhaled by the smoker to cool down. Bongs today are often used for smoking marijuana. They can also be used for smoking tobacco and other substances. They often have water in the bottom and they are often made with the use of cylindrical tubes.
Custom glass bongs from Brothers With Glass are those bongs that are personalized by glassblowers for them to look different from the rest. All these are made from Pyrex glass and they are solid and hard as well. When you look for glass bongs, you can come across many options with varying designs, shapes, and styles which can be personalized to your own preference. It is okay for you to personalize the bong the way you want. You will be able to place a name you prefer and include numbers and basic images on it. For your inscriptions you can choose up to four colors for the font you will use. It is possible for you to choose the font style to use for the inscription. It can be written on the left or the right part or up to the mouthpiece. The writing should only be done on the tube area but not on the base.
For text engraving, it is possible for you to engrave a name or a short sentence. You may also request to use your very own font style. Text engraving is great for personalizing the bong which is meant as a gift to a special someone. One other way to customize a bong is through image engraving. This includes engraving a logo or vector image. This kind is great for a lot of teams and organizations but it entails working directly with am engraving specialist. The price for this type of customization is often associated with the complexity of the job. Learn more about cannabis at this website https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/epidiolex-fda-approved-medical-marijuana-drug_us_5b3123fee4b00295f15f7c6d.
There is also a process called custom glass etching. Sandblasting is often associated with the application of a stencil to towards the glass. A sandblasting machine is then used to spray pressurized and which will etch or buff the glass. By the time the stencil is removed and the entire piece is washed, the image engraved is left on the glass. We have bought top of the line equipment such as a vinyl cutter and the sandblasting setup for you to have a great personalized bong, view here